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Student Profiles

"New Jersey SEEDS is honestly the one reason I am where I am. I currently have a full scholarship to Stanford University and I had a full scholarship to Delbarton. I think a lot about the fact that I received one of the best educations a kid could ask for without having to pay a dime and that's all due to New Jersey SEEDS. They invested money in me, my schools have invested money in me, and that's an opportunity that I can't take for granted. I'm very grateful to have SEEDS in my life, because it really put me in a place to do great things."

~Wade Morgan , Young Scholars , 2005 , Delbarton School , 2011 , Stanford University , 2015

"New Jersey SEEDS is a home that cultivates education and supports individuality while still feeling like a close-knit family. People have asked me if New Jersey SEEDS changed me as a person. The answer is always yes. Without the Scholars Program, I would never have had the opportunities I needed to succeed. I would never have learned so much about myself and others. SEEDS has given me the chance to reinvent myself both intellectually and emotionally."

~Nada Zohayr , Scholars , 2013 , Philips Exeter Academy , 2017

"I wanted to participate in the Young Scholars Program because I knew that I would never get another chance to have an opportunity like this. I live in Newark and I knew that SEEDS would get me to the places I needed to go and the schools I wanted to get into. In the Young Scholars Program, I really loved my history class. We learned about human history and ancient civilizations. In English, I improved my vocabulary so much in one year. I'm most excited about the new experiences I can expect at Fessenden. I've never been away from my family. I'm ready for it, I want to go. I'm sure it will be a challenge, but I will get to meet new people."

~Joss Eyondi , Young Scholars , 2013 , Fessenden School , 2013

"A good education is important to me because education gets people far in life. Opportunity comes and goes, but education stays with you forever. CPP helped me every step of the way throughout the college application process. The program showed me which schools to look at, which would be a good fit for me, and which give the best financial aid. Because of the College Preparatory Program, I am a few steps ahead of every other student in my senior class. Honestly, if I didn't join SEEDS a few years ago, I don't know what kind of future I'd have ahead of me."

~Cyrain Anderson , College Preparatory Program , 2014 , Orange High School , 2014 , Union College , 2018

"I believe that SEEDS does a great job staying involved with its students after their graduation from the program. This is because the SEEDS staff says active and interested in my college career. I have stayed involved with SEEDS by serving as an advisor for CPP's Summer Collegiate Experience and speaking at special events because SEEDS means the world to me. It represents hope, promise, progression, family and unconditional love. I am so grateful for New Jersey SEEDS."

~Tempestt Williams , College Preparatory Program , 2014 , Denison University , 2015

"A college education is not the norm in my neighborhood. A lot of my friends enrolled in college but many dropped out. Others have been in and out of jail, or have found themselves in dead-end jobs. SEEDS started me off on an educational journey worth $413,924 - and all at no cost to my family. The single best thing SEEDS taught me is that one person determining that you have potential will drastically change the trajectory of your life. It only takes one."

~D'Shai Hendricks , Scholars Program , 2006 , Lawrenceville School , 2010 , Stanford University , 2014

"SEEDS taught me to speak my mind. It taught me the importance of expressing my opinions and not being shut down by anyone. Thanks to SEEDS, I will be the first person in my family to graduate from high school and go on to get a college education."

~Kristy Saldana , College Preparatory Program , 2014 , Trenton Central High School , 2014 , Colgate University , 2018

"SEEDS opened doors so that I could receive a better education and allowed me to attend Delbarton School, where the opportunities are endless. Through SEEDS, I learned that you can do anything with hard work."

~Charles Cadena , Scholars Program , 2013 , Delbarton School , 2017

"This journey wasn't easy. Until SEEDS, a lot of us were perfect in school. It was eye opening to receive constructive criticism and be told that we have to really work hard in order to be outstanding. This program altered the trajectory of all our lives. It gave us access to the most competitive schools in the country."

~Jarrid Tingle , Scholars Program , 2005 , Peddie School , 2009 , University of Pennsylvania , 2013 , Barclays

"I grew up in Newark and graduated from the Young Scholars Program. It is my dream to attend Cornell, become a pediatrician and eradicate diabetes. Because of my experience with SEEDS, I have opportunities that my friends don't even know exist."

~Anika Buch , Young Scholars , 2013 , Morristown Beard , 2019